Welcome to DAIC: The Delft AI Cluster

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DAIC (formerly known as INSY-HPC or just plainly HPC) is a TU Delft High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster consisting of Linux compute servers with a lot of processing power and memory for running large, long or GPU-enabled jobs. DAIC was initiated within the INSY department in 2015, and later, resources were joined with ST (both from EWI), and with other departments across TU Delft faculties (TNW, TPM, 3mE and CiTG). The cluster is available (only) to users from the participating departments, and access can be arranged through the department's contact persons.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For handy tips and current known issues, head over to the Support area

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Contributions welcome!

We do a Merge Request contributions workflow on GitLab. Feedback is always welcome!

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Community support

For specific questions, you can consult with us and other cluster users on MatterMost, or even submit a ticket in the TU Delft Self-Service Portal

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